• Tempura Banana

    • $5.50

    Sliced bananas with a coat of tempura batter and deep fried, topped with honey and sesame seeds

  • Sticky Rice with Mango

    • $8.95

    Sliced mangos on top of sticky rice, topped with a sweet coconut milk sauce and sesame seed

  • Ice Cream

    • $4.50

    Green tea, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or red bean

  • Mochi Ice Cream

    • $5.95

    Japanese style ice cream with sticky rice dough outside. Choice of Mango, chocolate, green tea, or strawberry

  • Cheese Cake

    • $4.95

    A delicious slice of soft New York cheesecake, drizzled with chocolate sauce

  • Tempura Cheese Cake

    • $7.95

    Ourr savory cheesecake dipped in tempura batter, deep fried and served with chocolate sauce

  • Fried Ice Cream

    • $4.50

    Coated vanilla ice cream, with Hershey's chocolate sauce